Thursday, July 5, 2012

All good things come to an end

The girls and their photo albums
 Our trip has finally come to end! Last Monday I gave a presentation on what world heritage is and why young people should care at Dilcia and Normita’s middle school. The girls presented the places they visited to their peers, as well as their action plan to start a folklore dance group to raise funds for computers, so they will have access to the world without travelling. I also shared what I learned with the facilitators of the Maya Project, and submitted the final report to our sponsors from InHerit who so generously funded our travel expenses. Patricia McAnany and Sarah Rowe, BIG THANKS!!!! Here my reflections on the trip as I submitted them to InHerit.

Thanks also to all the others who have been so incredible supportive: the people who made a donation towards our trip; the organizers of the event; the participants and tutors who made this an unforgettable experience; Cesar who kindly took us in; and the people of Copán and other places in the world who have followed our adventures and gave us great positive feedback. Thank you all! 

For a great video of this whole experience, click here!

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