Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby steps forward…

Yesterday I went back to Juvenile Court to get an authorization for Dilcia to apply for a passport. And the good news is that after hearing our two witnesses, Professor Nelson and Aunt Mercedes, who both declared that Dilcia’s father doesn’t live in Honduras anymore, we got it!!!

The bad news is that we’ll have to go back next week. After (if!) we get the passports on Monday, we’ll need another authorization from the judge for me to be allowed to take the girl out of the country.  I even have to bring two witnesses again, to testify to the exact same fact as before.
Of course I protested, because in our petition I had clearly asked for both the passport as well as permission for me to take her out of the country. So why can’t the judge give us the authorization and after acquiring the passport we’ll have the document set up by a local lawyer? The secretary went to ask the judge and came back with this answer:  No, because some people simply apply for a passport simply to have in it case of emergency. Having a passport and leaving the country are two different things for which two different authorizations are required.
But didn’t we make very clear from the beginning that we needed a passport in order to go to Spain??? Why would he authorize us to get a passport if he wouldn’t let me take the girl on the trip??? And why bring back the two witnesses???
Totally frustrated we headed back, this time with private transportation. A little bit more expensive, but twice as fast and infinitely more comfortable…

On the way back I figured we could get the passports on Monday in San Pedro Sula, and then go to the Juvenile Court there, in the hope to find a more sympathetic judge. But alas, cases are being treated by jurisdiction and ours is Santa Rosa de Copán. So we need a new action plan. But let’s wait till we get the passports first…

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