Monday, May 21, 2012

And the saga continues…

Normita & Dilcia, Templo Rosalila, Copán Ruinas
Today we were supposed to go to San Pedro to get passports for Dilcia and Normita, so they can participate in the Youth Forum on World Heritage in Spain. But we’re not.

Now that we have the authorization from a judge to get Dilcia her passport, I went to the bank last Friday to pay for an appointment at migration, even though I knew the appointment would be much later than our actual trip. But when I was about to pay, another bank clerk meddled into our business and said I should not buy the appointment then and there, but on arrival in San Pedro Sula, at the bank inside the migration office, plus a $20 “fine” for needing immediate service.  She said that otherwise there was a chance that I would have to pay for a new appointment, and that at $33 per person, worth considering!

So I didn’t pay for the appointments. But when I came home, I got some reactions on my previous blog entry, all advising me to buy the appointment!!! The best advice came from Bas, who works at an orphanage in El Progreso, with quite some experience in travelling with children. He gave me a contact that could help me with an emergency appointment. I called the lady in question and she was indeed so kind to help us out. At first she told me to call her on arrival in San Pedro Sula, so we would be attended immediately but ten minutes later she called me back and told me not to travel on Monday! There was no way we would be attended today, so we should sit and wait until she’ll call me back with a date and time. I sincerely hope she will.

So here we are, with an official appointment for August 28th (the forum starts at June 10th!!), waiting to hear when to grab our stuff and run for San Pedro Sula.

In the meantime, I went to the archaeological park with Normita and Dilcia, to refresh their knowledge about Maya culture and to take some pictures for the Power point presentation we have to prepare. Unfortunately it rained, but we had a lot of fun anyway. A lot more fun than all the red tape involved…

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  1. Oh the joys of the visa process - it's the same no matter where you are! I really hope that you get these visas in time!