Monday, April 30, 2012

To go or not to go...

Sigh… In about forty days I’m supposed to board a plane to Spain with two girls from la Pintada, but NOTHING IS READY YET!!!!          We have no tickets, because there is not yet enough money, and the girls still don’t have a passport because we need the authorization of a judge to get the passport for one of the girls who’s father doesn’t live in Honduras, but we can’t get that approval without the official invitation we’re still waiting for.
But at least we have officially enrolled for the event, the World Heritage Youth Forum. Last Wednesday I went up to La Pintada and filled in the paper work with both girls and their mothers. I took photos of their ID’s and had the authorization and permission to take (pictures of) the girls signed. A few more pictures of ourselves, body and headshots, and we were done up there (then I had to scan everything and send it, which didn’t go as smoothly as hoped). When I left I reminded the mothers that we’ll have to go to San Pedro Sula all together, to pick up the passports, but that that won’t be a problem, because I would arrange for private transportation since it’ll cost the same amount of money as the bus and taxi fare for all of us (and it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to let them go by themselves).Then one of the moms mentioned casually that she wasn’t going to go to San Pedro Sula. I told her she had no choice, that in order to get a passport for her daughter, she would have to go with us. No, she said. She had never travelled any further then the next village, and wasn’t planning on changing that. Okay. I didn’t say anything, just grinded my teeth and let it go for the moment.
On Saturday, I conducted a workshop on cultural patrimony and oral history at the middle school both girls attend, for a different group of students. With the girls we had agreed to meet every Saturday afternoon anyway, to prepare for the trip, to make a presentation on the Copán ruins and to talk a bit about the themes that will surely be discussed at the forum. But this Saturday they didn’t have to go down town, just attend the workshop at their school, much more convenient for them and about themes that are right up their alley. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up. I don’t know why, because they didn’t call me to cancel or anything.
If I didn’t know better, I’d think they’re not interested in the trip to Spain, but I know that they are. There was probably just something way more important happening at the moment. The strap of their sandal broke, or their skirt was still drying at the clothesline. I guess that travelling to Spain is so incredibly abstract to them, it’s hard to make it a priority. But they’ll have to learn to do that, and fast too. I sure hope they do.

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