Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why leaving Honduras???

Because… of many reasons… There’s not just one single reason for me to pack my bags and leave, it’s a complex combination of factors, feelings and experiences that led to the decision. It has also been quite a long process. I made the actual decision in August of 2009, so I’ve gotten quite used to the idea by now.
I think that mostly I was just ready for a change. I’ve lived in Honduras for 15 years now, and I am a bit bored. Call it the seven year itch (or two of those), midlife crisis or whatever, but bottom line, I’m ready for something new. I was also a bit bored with my job, although being a director of an art organization for kids in the tropics may sound as one of the best jobs ever. It was (except for the lousy pay, but that happens when you’re responsible for your own salary), but it also turned me more and more into a director instead of being the artist that I am at heart. When I heard from our sister organization Arte Acción that we had no choice but to renew our legal status, I decided I did not want to fight another bureaucratic battle. So I decided to close the organization that I had founded in 1999 (first called Copán Pinta Foundation, later Arte Acción Copán Ruinas), told my employees the big news (that was the hardest part of all) and then we worked together for another entire year to wrap up our projects and officially close shop. Two of the projects, the Maya Project and the Archaeology Project, continue to this day, run by ex-employees of our organization.
Another reason why I want to leave Honduras is that it is so bloody far (and thus expensive) from friends and family back home in Holland. It’s hard to see loved ones only once every two years and miss out on so much back home. And I must say I miss Europe. Walking down streets that are hundreds of years old, the short distances between places, the food…
And of course there’s also the fact that Honduras is changing in ways I find hard to witness. So. Off to new horizons….

Oh, and when? ... August? September? October? Don't know yet. It all depends...

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