Thursday, March 22, 2012

What to do in Spain?

Uuuhhh….. Well, eat lots of that terrific ham, for starters. And when the ham-money is gone, uuuhhh… work? Yes, work!
If you hear anything, I’m very good! Hahaha!
I’d love to keep working independently, so I’m looking for design or writing jobs I can do anywhere (graphic design to be specific, or illustrations, writing kids’ stories, methodologies, articles etc.). I’d also love to paint a few more murals in Spain after the one I did in Seville, or just sell my art work. My dream is to start a small hotel in the country where everything (beds, curtains, lamps, doormat, toothbrush) is “art” and for sale. I know, not easy. But hopefully not impossible either…

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