Thursday, March 22, 2012

How did I get to live in Honduras?

I’ve heard this question so many times, I have actually considered recording the answer and selling copies. But here we go again. Hopefully the last time…
I arrived in Copán one sunny Tuesday morning, March 11, 1997… And haven’t left yet.
I came to look after the Vamos a Ver Restaurant, owned by Dutch friends of mine who had to go back to Holland for a two month period. I liked the town, the people, the Port Royals… So I stayed on for another month. And another month… Until I decided I wasn’t ready to go back yet, but was seriously running out of money. So I took a job as a kindergarten teacher at the local bilingual school. Soon, I became the art teacher for all students. Then I started sort of an after school art school. Then became so busy with the art school that I gave up my job…. Did that until the end of 2010 and have worked as an independent artist since then.
Time has flown by and sometimes I wish I could go back to those careless days that I had just myself and one backpack to take care of. How things have changed! Me, the town and my possessions, that no longer fit in a backpack. Hey, anyone out there who can give me advice on shipping stuff??

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